Famicom Disk System Games

Importing Nintendo Games From Japan

By Trevor Harley | September 25, 2016 |

Japan gets a lot of interesting stuff from Nintendo, some of which never makes the trip across the ocean to North America.  Lots of really good, and horribly awful 8-bit Nintendo games only showed up on the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Japanese counterparts, the Nintendo Famicom, and Famicom Disk System.  Having some of these Japanese exclusives can be lots of fun to try out and great additions to any Nintendo collection. Buying old electronics from another country on the other side of the planet can seem…

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Hori Digital Controller

The Hori Digital Controller

By Trevor Harley | September 21, 2016 |

If you are like me then playing your favourite Gameboy Advance games on the big screen is an exciting idea. Fortunately we can do this with the Gameboy Player peripheral for the Nintendo GameCube. Similar to the Super Gameboy for the SNES that plays original Gameboy and some Gameboy Color games, the Gameboy Player plays all games released for the Gameboy family of Nintendo handhelds. The GBA happens to be my personal favourite handheld of all time because of its awesome library of games, SNES-like graphics…

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