When collecting video games it helps a lot to have a list. Once a collection gets larger than a few hundred titles it becomes difficult to remember exactly what you have an don't have. I have taken the time to generate complete library lists for most Nintendo consoles to help in your collecting quest, with our goal being to have lists for all of them. The lists are can be sorted, searched and easily copied into a spreadsheet for your personal use.

Have you ever been travelling to a new city or area and wondered if there were any retro video game shops to scope out for games? I sure have. I have spend hours looking up address to different shops, searching different phrases in Google trying to find all the shops in different areas. I thought it would be easier to have all the shops on one simple map for quick access so I made it my goal to pin all the retro game shops in North America. This is a work in progress.

Tired of blowing into your NES cartridges to try and get them working? I often get asked what the best way to clean a video game cartridge is and after years of trying different methods I decided to make a quick guide. This is a sure fire way to get your games working again and extend the life span of your favourite consoles.

Like the pictures? Want higher resolution versions of some of them to use as desktop wallpapers? This is the page you are looking for. If you have seen a photo on the site that you would like as a wallpaper that isn't posted here let me know through the contact page and I might just oblige.


This is a great website run by JJ Games that tracks the "sold for" prices of online sales of video games and averages them to give collectors an approximate current market value for just about any video game in existence.

This amazing website is dedicated to helping retro gamers get the best video quality out of their consoles. Retro RGB is where I get nearly all of my RGB modding information and is what tipped me over the edge and deep into the RGB gaming rabbit hole.

If you own a Framemeister than this is an essential resource for you. A gamer known as "The Pixel Purist" has been uploading Framemeister profiles to his website for free download. He has taken the time to make perfect integer scaling profiles for most retro consoles and they look truly amazing. No more fumbling with Framemesiter settings!

This is a great site containing an extensive database of NES game PCB scans. I use it quite frequently when acquiring rare/expensive NES cartridges to ensure that the games are legitimate. Unfortunately, bootlegs are common these days and this has been an invaluable resource to me personally.