Review Rating Scale

When rating things it helps to know what the numbers actually mean. I feel it is important to have a scale and for it to be available to the reader, so here it is. This scale and the reviews that pull ratings from it are entirely my opinion. You are entitled to your own and I love to debate differing view points on games. If I don't like a game that doesn't mean I think everyone should feel the same way and there are games that I really quite enjoy that others do not. Just know that no one pays me to review or write anything, and read with confidence knowing that you are getting the honest opinion of a life long video game fan.


This category is reserved for the best of the best. A masterpiece isn't necessarily perfect but it has nothing to ruin the overall gaming experience.

10 Heart Rating


An instant classic. A game that will be loved by many for years to come.

9 Heart Rating

8.0 - GREAT

A game with few flaws that is more than worth your time.

8 Heart Rating

7.0 - GOOD

A solid, fun game but one that has some issues that hold it back from being a great game.

7 Heart Rating

6.0 - DECENT

A game that's not great but not bad either. The kind of game you are glad you played but might not give it a second play through.

6.0 Heart Rating


It's a game. Nothing special but not so bad it makes you want to pull your hair out.

5 Heart Rating


Playing games in this category is more of a chore than anything else.

4 Heart Rating

3.0 - BAD

Just plain bad games. If you have trouble finding anything you like about it, it's probably bad.

3 Heart Rating


These games are shockingly bad. So bad you wonder how they were ever finished and released.

2 Heart Rating


This category is reserved for the worst of the worst. There are only a handful of games that I can think of that meet this criteria.

1 Heart Rating


If what I am reviewing is actually broken and should not have ever been released to the public it would have to fall in this category.

0 Heart Rating