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My long time love for Nintendo is unwavering. Growing up with the NES, SNES and beyond embodied everything I love about video games. The stories, the art style, the ruthless challenge that I fell in love with continues today through the current generation of Nintendo hardware and software. There is nothing like sitting down on the couch with some buddies and playing some Nintendo. Their core franchises, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario Brothers and many more, mean more to me than any movie, book or any other form of media ever could. Playing these masterpieces has had a profound impact on my life.

I have amassed a large physical collection of Nintendo games and hardware. I have spent a lot of time and effort modding my original consoles to output the best video quality. I capture our video exclusively on original hardware and take all my own photos. I started Snail Tooth Gaming because I found that there were no websites out there that provided the quality content that I desired and I was sick of seeing stretched, blurry, emulated game videos and reviews that were done by people that seemingly didn’t finish the game. I give you the perspective of a well seasoned gamer after playing the game to completion, while trying to deliver that perspective through high quality imagery.

I am a gamer first and a collector second.  For all my fellow Nintendo gamers out there, from retro to current generation, this is a one stop shop for news, reviews, videos and articles.

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Super Famicom Nintendo Power Cartridge

The Nintendo Power Cartridge

Today, flash cartridges are common tools used by lots of people to fuel their retro gaming habit. These devices are designed to play ROM files from writable memory, usually an SD card, on your original console. Giving you the power to play pretty much anything released for that particular system....
GBA mod complete

Building My Ultimate GBA

The first video game console my parents ever bought me was a Nintendo Game Boy. My sister and I each got one for Christmas one year. I got the original grey model and she got the clear model, and from that day forward I loved handheld gaming. The years went...
Changing Save Batteries in Video Game Cartridges

How to Change Video Game Cartridge Save Batteries

In gaming, there is nothing more devastating than losing a save file you worked hard on. In retro cartridge based gaming, save files are generally stored on the cartridge and a small amount of power is supplied to the cartridge by an on board battery to retain the data. Today,...
NESRGB AV Famicom and Cap Kit

Cleaning, Re-Capping and RGB Modding an AV Famicom

In 1993, Nintendo released new and improved revisions of both the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America and the Nintendo Famicom in Japan. North America got the NES-101, more commonly referred to as the Top Loader, while Japan got the HVC-101, more commonly referred to as the AV Famicom. Both...
Mighty Final Fight Title Screen

Mighty Final Fight Review – NES

Mighty Final Fight Final Fight is an arcade classic that has been beloved in the gaming community since it hit arcades in 1989. It was ported to the SNES and even received two sequels on the system, but did you know it was also ported to the NES? In July...
Extron Crosspoint C-Sync Testing Setup

Testing Extron Crosspoint C-Sync Output

If retro gaming in RGB is a hobby you enjoy you have probably experienced the problem of having fewer inputs available on your monitor or upscaler than RGB enabled consoles you want to have hooked up. The natural solution is to find some sort of switch box and many of...
N64RGB Mod Installed 2

N64 RGB Mod Comparison

When it comes to getting the best picture quality possible out of your Nintendo 64 there are a number of different options. The path you choose depends on how you want to play and what version of the console you own. In the world of analog video signals, RGB is...
Introduction to RGB Gaming

An Introduction to RGB Gaming

If you are interested in retro gaming as a hobby or just looking to satisfy a nostalgic craving to play some of your old Nintendo cartridges and have just connected an old console directly to a modern display, you have probably come to realize that your old games don't look...
Nintendo Game Boy Color

Complete Game Boy Color Library List

  A complete list of all games released for the Nintendo Game Boy Color in North America. This list includes GBC exclusives and non exclusives. The list can be sorted, searched and easily copied into a spreadsheet to help you when hunting for games in the wild. If you find any...